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  1. emily says:

    I watched the space shuttle Enterprise flyover from this station’s park! It wasn’t fish-guts-stinky or too trashy at the time… maybe neglect since then or it just wasn’t fishin’ season yet back in April?

  2. Otto Vondrak says:

    This is certainly a forgotten corner of The Bronx, and probably doesn’t see much in the way of city services. It would be nice if the trash bins were emptied more often (wonder who’s job that is- MTA, City Sanitation, private concern?), but there’s also the folks who use the park who need to clean up after themselves, too. Otherwise, the views from the overpass really can’t be beat!

  3. Al Cyone says:

    When I used to manage the mailing list (among other things) for a small resort, I’d always change “Riverdale, NY” to “Bronx, NY” for those guests who were in denial. I don’t know if I ended up chasing away any customers but, in a small way, it always made me feel good doing it. Similarly, Manhattan College lists its address as “Riverdale, NY”. I always imagine the shock parents must feel when they realize their child is going to college in . . . the Bronx!

    Anyway, if you think Riverdale is nice, check out Fieldston. It’s to Riverdale what Riverdale is to the Bronx.

  4. Adam Moss says:

    Mount St. Vincent – East 261st Street damn it :P

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