The Metro-North Panorama Project

I love taking photos, and even more than just doing that, I love taking panorama photos. I thought it would be cool to try and go to every Harlem Line station, and take a panorama photo… and thus the Panorama Project was born. The first station I completed was Mount Pleasant, on April 24th, 2010. The original intent was to do only Harlem Line stations – after I had completed that in February of 2011, I was convinced to do the same thing on the New Haven Line by several readers. The obvious goal after that would be to photograph all of Metro-North’s stations.

Each Tuesday a new station will be posted, along with any thoughts and observations I may have. If historical information is available, or historical images, I will try to include them. From time to time I will also post panoramas from other places, usually train related, but not necessarily related to Metro-North. They’ll be included here and on the Panorama Project Map, in a category of miscellaneous.

As of December 25th, 2012, the Panorama Project has been completed, and all stations have been featured.

Tour of the Harlem Line

Tour of the New Haven Line

Tour of the Hudson Line

Tour of Port Jervis/Pascack Valley Lines

Pascack Valley Line:

16 thoughts on “The Metro-North Panorama Project

  1. It would be wonderful if the Harlem line north of Wassaic to Chatham could someday be revived. This totally outlandish idea may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Would you know if the abandoned right-of-way is still intact?

    Fred M Cain,
    Topeka, Indiana

    1. So I guess Fred does trains as well as roads. Most of the right-of-way is still intact, but a large part of it is now a rail trail. Danbury Branch extension to New Milford has a shot, and extension of the Hudson Line north of Poughkeepsie would probably be in the works by now if the towns that would have gotten stations weren’t so dead set against it the last time the MTA floated the idea. But extending the Harlem Line – I think we’ll see US 66 recommissioned entirely between Chicago & Santa Monica long before we see the MTA re-lay any rail beyond Wassaic.

  2. I have several photos of the new & old Windsor Locks train stations if you’d like to add them. (Also Grand Central.) They’re posted on my blog and on my flickr pages, as well. My family loves train travel.

  3. Ooh, you’re taking tours of the Hudson Line now. Any chance you’ll find the exact year of the closing of Croton North NYC Station, or the opening year of all the other stations in Yonkers?

  4. When you are done with the Hudson Line panorama, I think you should do some pictures of some Amtrak Stations that are not apart of the Metro North. Like Albany, Hartford, and Penn Station. Also, you can do a Panorama of the LIRR or New Jersey Transit.

  5. I just discovered your site and am enjoying immensley. I used to live in Hudson, NY south of Albany about 40 miles. Thestation was quite run down and very delapidated then. It has since been restored. Any chance of a photo?



  6. Emily, great site, it appears you’re missing the old Wilton Kent Rd station from your panorama project! It’s the only station that MNR has closed down on the NHL.

  7. Did you know that the Harlem Line had a short spur west of Craryville going to Copake Lake for the purpose of harvesting ice? Some of the bed is still there.

    1. For my Copake History Facebook page I’m seeking old photos of railroads in Copake. Can you help me find some?


      Howard Blue Memrevs at Gmail dot com

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