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  1. Joe says:

    Can you post more timetable pics like above? Not just the covers. More specifically – 1980s up until 2000ish.

  2. Backshophoss says:

    The “busatition” nightmare during the Electrification, this
    was done during the “Major Construction” phase.
    Plenty of trenches for feeders to the 3rd rail,building of all high-
    level platforms,3rd rail installation,and the buildout of CP Chap +
    CP Gold.
    Also final buildout of the substations.
    Was not a “fun” time for ridership as well

  3. I think you still see form numbers on the LIRR timetables, or at least you did as of the last time I looked.

    As for colors, SEPTA really screwed the pooch a coupla years ago when they did away with their “R-numbers” and color coding of timetables. Now we have little colored bands on the tops of our timetables that make no sense whatsoever.

    • Bob says:

      Looks like the LIRR form numbers are gone too, but I hadn’t noticed they were gone even from Metro-North until Emily pointed it out.

      Yeah, I noticed they were trying some color again after going all black / grey / white. I will say that for those of us not familiar with SEPTA, trying to plan weekend train trips, the R-numbers were confusing as all heck since each R-number required 2 timetables and almost no weekend trains ran on the same R-number on both the PRR & Reading sides. Not quite as confusing as SEPTA’s fare structure, but then again not much is. The new timetables where they specify which line the train continues to or comes from are kind of nice.

      • Sunny says:

        LIRR still has form numbers on all timetables, regular or trackwork. Look on the bottom right hand corner of the back side of a properly folded timetable or card.

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