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  1. Emily says:

    You can see it far in the distance in this photo.

  2. Adam Moss says:

    Dobbs Ferry, the first M-N station I ever photographed. 128 stations later…

  3. mike says:

    thanks again Emily…fantastic…

  4. Al Brecken says:

    “The Depot Attic” which was a treasure-trove of vintage RR items for purchase was in the cellar ( an “Attic” in a cellar !?) of a house in Dobbs Ferry and the proprioter was Fred Arnone , now deceased.

    Fred was open Sat. afternoons and had annual auctions. He purchased a very early New York & Harlem River RR stock certificate from me.

  5. William Hays says:

    Fred Arone is pictured inside the back cover of Gallo and Kramer’s “The Putnam Division”, along with NYC Agent Edwin Messick. Messick lived to age 93, on a diet of whiskey, eggs, and popcorn. I could do without the popcorn.

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