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  1. ATV Maniac says:

    I went to JFK high school. Oh the parties that took place on that bridge!

  2. Mike says:

    If you go to the JFK Parking Lot, you will find the rest of the trail bed that connects to the old Lake Mahopac. I have walked it for the past 35 years.

  3. William Hays says:

    Northwest of present Katonah was “Old Katonah”. It was moved and the site flooded by the Muscoot. There are still some bridge abutments and artifacts in the area. If you have SCUBA gear…

  4. William Hays says:

    East of Katonah, out Cherry Street, is the Cross River Reservoir dam. It is a big one! Prob’ly a two-mile trek. Had a stairway down the face (dunno if it is still accessible, or if vehicular traffic is allowed over the dam) and a downhill walk back to Katonah on NY-35.

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