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  1. Backshophoss says:

    At least the Metro North owned track can be brought back from the “dead”,the HRRC owned “dead” sections
    from the NY/CT state line to Danbury and from Newtown to Devon Jct might be beyond help by now.
    It’s been reported that part of State line to Danbury section is used by Sperry for testing rebuilt Sperry cars.
    and Hi-rail vehicles after being released from the shop in Danbury.
    From where CP Fairgrounds(a passing siding way back when) was has been reclaimed by the swamp there.
    Believe service from Southeast(Brewster North) to Hopewell Jct would have been the “best” bet for
    shuttle type service connecting with trains to GCT and could have supported 1-2 thru peak service trains
    from Hopewell Jct to GCT.

  2. fredmcain2003@yahoo.com says:

    There has been a plan simmering on the back burner for a number of years now of restoring passenger service from Pittsfield, Mass to Grand Central via the old New Haven “Berkshire” line. A couple of reports that I’ve read had the service heading west from Danbury to “Southeast” then on to GCT via the Harlem line. The proposal puzzled me somewhat since it would make more sense to me to use the former New Haven Danbury line.

    Not sure how they would handle the reverse in direction you mentioned at Southeast. Perhaps they didn’t think about that or maybe with push-pull equipment it might not make so much of a difference. The plan was spearheaded by an interest group in Western Mass. I was getting e-mail updates from them for a time but haven’t seen one in a while.

    Here’s a link to their website: http://barringtoninstitute.org/projects/train-campaign/

    Fred M. Cain

  3. Great story on the Beacon Line! Great pictures.

    Last year we were involved with “Request for Expressions of Interest” for NY CITY MTA. Not with a “railroad” solution, but a “HYPERLOOP” solution. At the time we could not fit it into our HYPERLOOP constraints. https://penneyandkc.wordpress.com/the-muhammad-ali-hyperlink/

    YEARS AGO we created a WebSite for Bernie Rudberg: https://penneyandkc.wordpress.com/central-new-england-railway/ which included a section on the Maybrook Line https://penneyandkc.wordpress.com/the-maybrook-line-across-dutchess-county/. Of course at that time it went from Maybrook, NY to Cedar Hill in Connecticut.

    With changes in HYPERLOOP, from Elon Musk, the promoter and inventor, we may have other solutions.

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