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  1. TJ says:

    Speaking of odd station names, there is a Country Life Press station stop on the LIRR.

  2. Michael Napolitano says:

    Named for the Doubleday Publishing Company’s facility which it served, the “Country Life Press.” Wonder how many other stations were named for businesses they served. Can think of at least two more on the LIRR, now gone, Grumman and Republic.

    • Emily says:

      The only one I can think of on Metro-North is Merritt 7, named for a corporate park. Technically Fairfield Metro is too, Fairfield Metro Center has some pretty renderings, but really isn’t much yet. The station was the first part to actually be completed. That is probably one reason why the opinion of the citizens didn’t have much weight. Money talks :P

    • Lee Winson says:

      NJ Transit has a station named for a nearby college, Montclair State University.

  3. Backshophoss says:

    Van Nest was the location of New Haven’s Electric Shops where all of
    New Haven’s electric locos and MU’s were maintained and likely all of
    NY,W&B’s MU’s were maintained there as well.
    Van Nest Shops were closed by the NHRR to save money due to
    Mangement changes/Bankruptcy.
    The nearby freight yard of Oak Point dates back to the New Haven RR,
    NY Central’s Port Morris yard was shut down by PC and all NY City and LIRR
    bound freight was rerouted to Oak Point,ConRail,and now CSX use
    Oak Point yard.

    • Emily says:

      Right, so it is kinda cool that the Van Nest people want to get their name in there… perhaps it will end up being Parkchester – Van Nest. Provided nobody ELSE is disgruntled about the name.

  4. T Man says:

    Sleepy Hollow/Philipse Manor also have an unusual naming lineage.

  5. 1) I didn’t know that schedules had mention of Brewster North as early as 1979? I thought that Brewster North did not exist until 1980 or ’81.
    2) A more appropriate name for the above station would have been North Brewster, as it would have been proper with naming convention (e.g. North White Plains) and there’s a few instances of the use of “North Brewster”, so it wouldn’t be taboo.
    3) I didn’t know about the “Hm” bug. Interesting!

  6. South East is a legal jurisdiction established in Dutchefs County in the colonial era, and it persisted into U.S. administration when the eastern half of Dutchefs became Putnam County.

    Perhaps the best corporate station name is Mars on the Metra’s Milwaukee District West. It’s named for the nearby candy company, not the planet.

  7. Lee Winson says:

    SEPTA has a station on its Doylestown line named “Link Belt”, for a nearby company.

  8. Emily says:

    You’re totally right about the Mahopac thing ;)

  9. Dave says:

    I’ve always pronounced it MAYO-pac. Is that not right?

    • Emily says:

      I’ve always said it that way too, but there are some that are quite fervent about pronouncing the “ho” part. Joe Schiavone, the guy that wrote the books on the Putnam Division, is one of them. If you were to go on any of his Put walking tours, he’d make sure you know it is Ma-HO-pac. :P

  10. Walter says:

    Wow, no mention yet of Westport’s former dual name, Westport & Saugatuck, going back to the New Haven Railroad days. It’s even mentioned numerous times in the “Next Stop, Willhoughby” Twilight Zone under it’s original name.

  11. Backshophoss says:

    Jeff,Believe Mt Vernon West/Mt Vernon East was a creation of Penn Central’s,
    after the “shotgun” wedding of the New Haven RR into PC. Before that merger,
    Mt Vernon had 2 seperate RRs serving the town in seperate stations.
    Believe the state wanted the station name changed from “State Hospital” to
    “Harlem Valley” after the state renamed the facilty next to the station.
    Wingdale(mp69.73) was about 1/2 mile north of “State Hospital”(mp69.10)
    Still think of Southeast as Brewster North or “B” North Between the CP’s
    “Park” and “Ride”.
    LIRR brought back Alantic Terminal,was and still called “Flatbush Ave.”

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