By now you are probably aware that I finally finished my three-year-long project to photograph every Metro-North station – all one hundred and twenty three of them. For my “final” Tuesday Tour post, I thought it would be nice to post a map which links to the photographic tours of every station. Though I’ve tried my hand at doing some Harlem Line maps in the past (they were crappy) and made an acceptable stab at a map of the West of Hudson Lines, I never really attempted a system-wide map. I’m not the biggest fan of Metro-North’s maps, especially how they deal with multi-line stations like Fordham (admittedly, it is not a bad map when you compare it to this atrocious Metro-North publication!), so I wanted to do something drastically different.

I guess when I say drastically different, I mean cleaner, hopefully easier to read, and showing info that the official map does not contain. One addition was Metro-North’s extra services, namely game/special event trains. Including them explains visually how Metro-North’s main lines connect, something most railfans probably know, but the average rider may not. The official map doesn’t properly illustrate that the Harlem and New Haven Lines run side by side up to Woodlawn, that they can both head onto the Hudson Line for Yankees games, or that the New Haven Line can diverge and follow Amtrak’s path into Penn Station and Secaucus for football games. Other additional info I included are limited-service stations, and shared stations. A handful of Metro-North’s stations also have Amtrak service, and in the case of New Haven station, Amtrak and Shore Line East service.

In all, my map is more of a “diagram” than anything. Some geography has been compromised a little bit for easier viewing and aesthetics. But every station name and dot links directly to its respective Tuesday Tour full of photos and history, so it is certainly an interesting way to see the system as a whole. Since the map is large, it will open in a new window. Click the preview image below to launch the map!

Metro-North Map Preview

In terms of plans for this year, now that the Tuesday Tours are finished (since you all seem dying to know), I think I want to go back to my roots. That means revisiting the Harlem Line. I know that some of you don’t really like this idea, or think it would be redundant – nonetheless, I don’t think I can legitimately call this site “I Ride the Harlem Line” and have such a poor showing in terms of station tours. For example, compare the first Tuesday Tour of Wassaic to the final one of Poughkeepsie. Wassaic’s tour contains 11 current day photos. Poughkeepsie’s had 37 current day photos, 15 historical photos, and a wide array of historical tickets and timetables. In other words, there really is no comparison. Plus it will be interesting to revisit several stations – Fordham was renovated since I was last there, and it would be super cool to not get the cops called on me when I go back to Melrose! Anyways, look forward to an updated tour of the Harlem Line later on this year!

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  1. Al Cyone says:

    Nice job.

    The clean lines of your schematic map are reminiscent of the infamous 1972 NYC subway map which sacrificed geographical reality for clarity and I remember the outcry against it at the time. The very first subway map I saw (though I have no actual memory of it!) must have been similar to the 1948 version. This 2006 article in the NY Times sums up the controversy.

  2. Steve says:

    Just a reminder, MNR turned 30 today.

  3. Backshophoss says:

    Since you are showing the remaining sections of the Beacon(Maybrook)
    route,you might want to add the Danbury-Derby-Shelton section
    (aka Derby Jct) to the map. While controlled by the HRRC and used
    by the P+W,MN has trackage rights on that section.(but rarely used.)
    Nicely Done!

    • Backshophoss says:

      One can hope that ConnDOT will find away to change that sometime soon,P+W currently uses the Danbury Br as a means of access
      for their customers in HRRC territory.
      The Beacon(Maybrook) is the only other way to access all 3
      MNR lines other than running all the way to MO Tower.

      • Emily says:

        Jeff, I nominate you to ask Jaap if he or anyone else is still qualified on the Beacon.

        Not sure if I told you the story about Maria and I crossing the tracks at night on the way home, we saw a bright light coming down the tracks. “Ermagherd, is that a train?!” No, just some folks on ATV’s riding down the Beacon Line. Someone in the area feels it necessary to clear downed trees from the line though – whether it be MN or whoever.

  4. Steve Swirsky says:

    Great! Tell me what you need. I spent this afternoon organizing by central postcards. Many cool Harlem finds-remembers.

  5. Holger says:

    First of all: Happy new Year!

    And a question to the sports-special trains on the Harlem and New Haven Line which terminate and start at Yankee Stadium.

    Do they use the connection track at the junction of the 3 lines – there is usually an engine hangin’ out on this track – or will these trains run via Harlem 125th Street and change the direction there to be able to reach the Stadium?

  6. Bob says:

    Always brilliant!

  7. That guy says:

    Oh no! Where’s the apostrophe on Purdy’s?

  8. Jeff M. says:

    Love that map! (And must admit, I have no idea what most of the other comments are talking about.) Emily, only you would say “I don’t think I can legitimately call this site ‘I Ride the Harlem Line’ and have such a poor showing in terms of station tours.” You’re right—if you’re not careful, your Legitimate Site Name License will be revoked by The Powers That Be…

    • Emily says:

      Lol… as it stands right now, I should call it I Ride the Hudson Line! The Hudson Line tours were far better than when I started out on the Harlem!

  9. Joe says:

    This map is better than most of the official maps out there. NJT should pay you to remake their disastrous new map.

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