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  1. Elise Dunham says:

    Thanks for posting all of this! The Mosaic is beautiful!! And the train station is very nice too, LOL! I’d love to see this in person someday as I was an avid Yankees fan through High School.

  2. Daniel says:

    Many, many times I went to old Yankee Stadium and I would take the (D) or (4) trains for day games, sometimes I take my car to the stadium for night games. But when I would park in the lot along the Harlem River and along the Metro North tracks, crossing over that pedestrian Bridge I would also envision a Metro North station there.

    Where that mall is the original Orange building, I thought should’ve been made a station house and have the outside track for Hudson Valley Line, and create different platforms inside the old orange building for those coming from the New Haven Lines & the Harlem Line.

    But this station has been coming for a very long time and finally was happy to see it built & now in use since May of 2009. The Long Island Raild Road station for the Mets is pathetic. Two slabs of broken platform and stairs that are rotting. Two makeshift offices and nothing. Terrible.

    But once again, greatful that the Metro North Station for New Yankee Stadium is built. Hope the NY Rangers will get a Winter Classic and play at the stadium so I can take Metro North to it.

  3. Al the K says:

    The Arts for Transit pieces as a group are indeed great — many thanks for the good views of them. Plus they are actually where people will and can actually see them — whatta concept! That concept is most often sadly lacking in the SF Bay Area where there is almost a purposeful plan to place art where it can’t or won’t be seen.

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