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  1. Keith says:

    Fantastic coverage of Yonkers. The 19 station quote is pretty accurate when you consider the Getty Square branch, the Putnam division, the Hudson Division all had many stops in the large confines of Yonkers. Right next to the station is the old Third Avenue Railway car barn converted to apartments. Check out the Travel Channel show off limits http://www.travelchannel.com/tv-shows/off-limits

    That has a nice surprise under Yonkers practically right next to the station…..

  2. Al Brecken says:

    Hi CG;

    I mentioned my friend Tom Panettiere who authored the book “Railroads over time; Metro-North’s Hudson Line—–” You will find an ad for this book in the bottom-right corner of page 7 of the July 2012 issue “Railfan & Railroad” magazine which includes Otto’s article on the W & B .

    The rail-lines of the IRT subway, the LIRR , the NH , and the NYC were electrified circa 1903- 1907 , a period when transportation companies had to provide their own power. I aquired a 1905 (?) issue of the “Street Railway Journal” which includes an article on the construction of the NYC’s Glenwood Power Station in Yonkers which was the power-source for the NYC’s Hudson Line electrification.

    The NYC also erected a power-generating plant for the Harlem Line at Port Morris in the Bronx , adjacent to the tracks of the NH’s Harlem River Branch.

    Please allow me to present myself as the “historical expert” on the NH’s Cos Cob Power Plant.

  3. Adam Moss says:

    This should be an interesting response. I know you’ve got several months to go on the Hudson Line tour, however, what are you going to do after? You’ll have drained all the lines pardoning a bunch of closed stations, which I think would be impressive after the fact.

    • Emily says:

      That is a good question… I’m not too sure, actually!

      • Adam Moss says:

        THere is the abandoned Mt. St. Vincent (W. 261st Street) on the Hudson, along with Crugers, Montrose, Oscawanna, Chelsea stations. The Harlem is also loaded with Morrisania, Mott Haven, etc. You also have Holland Avenue in White Plains. Plus, if you need, can always do the rest of the Harlem north of Wassaic if not already done. :)

        • Emily says:

          Most of the Upper Harlem stations that still have stuff to look at I’ve done. Even managed to get a tour of the old Sharon station. Re-doing the whole Harlem Line might be a possibility… the quality of the posts and photos I did back then, compared to now is a big difference.

          • Adam Moss says:

            Wouldn’t it kind of be redundant? :( – Also, you have SLE if you wanted.

          • Keith says:

            There is always the “Tuesday Tour of the North Jersey Coast Line, Or Tuesday Tour of the Babylon branch….” Just Saying… If you really wanted to go nuts “Tuesday Tour of the SEPTA R2 Regional Rail Line” LOL

            Keep up the great work!

  4. Daniel says:

    Love the pictures of the Yonkers Station House. Fantastic ceilling and chandalier.

  5. tommytrains says:

    Al Brecken, You are a great friend! Thanks for plugging the book.

    Emily, You have a wonderful website!

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