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  1. Old Geezer says:

    Pardon me while I smack my forehead. Of course! Bronze!

    I’ve been riding the Harlem Line off and on for more than 20 years (Brewster is my stop) and reading your blog for a few months. I’ve always wondered about the chairs on the Pleasantville platform. The notion that they are out there in every kind of weather and yet never deteriorate did not enter my brain for some reason. I always imagined that someone was cleaning out Granny’s old house one day and just took them out to the platform and left them. Why Pleasantville and not any other platform? Ask Granny.

    Thanks for all the great little-known facts about this line, and I look forward to more.

    • Emily says:

      Haha, don’t feel bad. Every day passing the train station and seeing it on the train, I always assumed they were random chairs someone put there. And I wondered why nobody ran away with them. Only later did someone tell me they were bronze, and fairly recently that I actually went to the station to see them for myself. And thanks for reading. Always good to know I am not just talking to myself :D

  2. nitto says:

    I pass by them everyday also. I always thought the people there were just being nice and putting out chairs for people! Ha ha. Thanx for the info! My stop is brewster also…they should do something there!

  3. William Hays says:

    Readers Digest used/uses a Pleasantville P. O. box. More touchy-feely/PC than their real Mount Kisco location, I guess. Some great shots of P’ville in Croghan’s “The Coming of the New York & Harlem”, pre- and post-lowering of the tracks thru the hamlet.

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