Sending Postcards from the Harlem Line (Part 4)

You know addicts never quit… how could I ever stop collecting these postcards? Plus it seems that I love multi-part posts. We’re on number four, folks. In case you missed the others, you can find them here:
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I’m not much of a psychic, but I have a really good feeling that there will be a part 5. But until then, enjoy more old postcards from various locations along the Harlem Line. This time we have Brewster, more of Chatham, the abandoned Upper Harlem station of Craryville, a view of Croton Falls, Dover Plains, and Goldens Bridge, the station at Hartsdale, a winter scene at Hawthorne, a train pulling into Pleasantville, a view of the depot in Tuckahoe, the Borden Condensed Milk factory – located next to the tracks in Wassaic, and the old station in White Plains.

4 thoughts on “Sending Postcards from the Harlem Line (Part 4)

  1. I don’t know how you keep getting these old photos, postcards, etc but do please keep sharing! I hardly recognize the Hartsdale, White Plains, and Tuckahoe (my home station) train stations! It’s amazing to see how much has changed over time. Thank you!

  2. That postcard of the “Railroad Culvert” in Dover Plains shows my front yard! A small world indeed!

  3. If you have any old contacts in Tuckahoe, see if they have pictures of the Tuckahoe Marble Quarry branch of the New York Central that ran east of the village and up the hill. As a resident, 1942-1947, I was too young to take pictures. Now, I’m too old! Thanks!

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