Metro-North’s new president, Joseph Giulietti, has been on the job over a month now, and it seems apparent that things are slowly starting to change at the beleaguered railroad. One certainly cannot change an entire railroad in such a short amount of time, but Mr. Giulietti has made it a point to ensure riders that safety is the railroad’s primary goal.

In a more light-hearted move, Giulietti has also announced the beginning of a Heritage Unit program for Metro-North. Such programs have been highly successful and well liked on other railroads, most notably Norfolk Southern. While discussing the subject, Giulietti asserted, “we need to restore pride to Metro-North. The railroad systems here in New York City were at one time the best in the world, though unfortunately that is not the case today. We definitely need to look forward, but at the same time there is no better way to restore pride than to remember our roots.”

Metro North Heritage
The new Metro-North New York Central locomotive on the upper Harlem Line earlier today.

Metro-North’s locomotive 220, which was sent out for work several weeks ago, has returned in a new paint scheme resembling that of the New York Central. “This is the first of hopefully several locomotives in heritage schemes. Many years ago Metro-North had a New York Central themed FL9, and so we opted for a different scheme than that previous locomotive.” Unfortunately, there is no timetable for future heritage locomotives. According to Giulietti, “as locomotives are sent out for repair, they will likely return to Metro-North with some new paint.”

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  1. Marc says:

    Thank you for the wonderful article. Now I have something to keep eye out for on the New Haven line and Danbury branch.

  2. Marc says:

    Oh well. If this is fake not gonna be too big a deal.

  3. Chuck Brandt says:

    As an old NYC guy I had hopes! Patterson was a nice small town. Back in the 60’s there was a liquor store in those buildings. I remember trainmen making a run over there during the train stop!! :-)

  4. Michael M says:

    Not happening anytime soon, would be cool

  5. Backshophoss says:

    Now the trick is to get Athearn to do a “fantasy” P-32dm
    (we can dream,right?) ;-)

  6. Jason Wang says:

    I cannot wait to see what P32AC-DM #225 involved in Spuyten Duyvil will look like when it returns from repairs. Would be good to see it reborn with an old touch.

  7. Raymond Nelson says:

    I actually think your “new” (faux) design looks great! Better than the unimaginative one we’ve been bored with for years!

  8. Dan says:

    I’m with Chuck Brandt and Michael M. I know these are fake, but they’d be cool if they were real. Leave the retro-New Haven locomotives for the New Haven Line and it’s branches, not to mention Shore Line East. Although light blue locomotives would work best for the Harlem Line, and light green ones would be better for the Hudson Line.

  9. Ryan Reed says:

    Does Metro-North have a fl9 that there going to restore? I would like to know the number of that engine.

  10. Zach says:

    And then it came true… with 211

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