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  1. Patrick says:

    Excellent photos as usual!

    And even the LIRR had a derailment this summer back on June 17th in one of the worst possible places…Penn Station! It certainly has been a rough couple months!

    ~ Patrick @ The LIRR Today

  2. STrRedWolf says:

    It’s not limited to NYC. Around Baltimore, a few weeks back a CSX train w/hazardous material hit a supply truck who was just getting over the double tracks at a private crossing… where signage had been degraded and there’s no automated system.

    And today, another derailment on CSX tracks, which is going to affect the MARC Camden Line (Union Station to Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD) this Monday. CSX is trying to clear at least one track for use. Alternatives are starting a limited schedule at Dorsey with buses going up to Camden Yards (while there’s a Light Rail that’ll take folks to Penn Station and thus the Amtrak-owned MARC Penn Line).

  3. Michael Napolitano says:

    Emily, nothng to do with derailments but everything to do with the “acorn search,” I’m sending you this link I found which may prove of interest to you:


    Apropos of acorns, my hobby (besides trains) is thoroughbred horse racing, and I note that there is a famous race held at Belmont Park every spring called The Acorn, and I’m now wondering if the race was named by Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt (grandson of the Commodore), who was the driving force behind New York thorougbred racing for much of the 20th century. So far, I haven’t been able to find out from my racetrack connections, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Emily says:

      Wow, that link is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing! As for the horse race, I’d hardly be surprised if that is where the name came from!

  4. Lee says:

    On my last visit to Yonkers some years ago, I noticed that it had a traditional pay telephone booth, complete with a seat, table, door, light, and fan. (It was just to the left in photo yonkersacorns1.jpg). These days, pay phones themselves are quite rare, let alone one of the full service telephone booths.

  5. Steve Dunham says:

    I wish Virginia Railway Express would take a page from Metro North operations. When there is some obstacle (a derailment, a presidential inauguration, snow), VRE will make sure people get back to their originating stations if the disruption happens in the afternoon, but if it happens in the morning (or the day before), we’re on our own. We get the dreaded “Seek alternate transportation” message. I’ve asked what alternate transportation they think we can find but I’ve never gotten an answer.

  6. Backshophoss says:

    The derailment in Spain,the engineer of that derailed train was reading and
    “reportably” on the phone,there was no cab signals or Automatic Train Control
    at that curve to boot. If there was ATC at that curve,the train would have slowed
    down or been stopped by the automatic systems.
    CSX is on the “hot” seat for the mess near DV with the NTSB,due to their
    garbage train taking out the Hudson line service.

    • JOhn says:

      MNCR is in trouble, not CSX. Though, admittedly, both have a crappy record when it comes to track maintenance. The sections of track where the derailments occurred (NH line in May, Hudson in July) both had improper/inadequate maintenance for their MAS.

      • Emily says:

        I wouldn’t totally agree… ignoring the garbage train on the Hudson, there’s been an exploding train near Baltimore, one train derailing and striking another near Albany, derailed train in Florida leaking ethanol, a derailment in Virginia spilling coal everywhere, another derailment spilling ethanol in Buffalo… do I need to continue? Mind you, these are accidents that have happened in the past three months alone. Metro-North certainly has its issues, but CSX takes the cake.

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