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  1. Walter says:

    After reading about Boston Corners, I was curious, and looked at it on a map. Amazingly, the property lines in that area still reflect the old state borders!

  2. Kate says:

    Actually, you can still see the old Hillsdale railroad station and train tracks along Route 23. They are a little beyond the current town of Hillsdale, toward Hudson. I think its now a private house.

  3. Al Cyone says:

    Your mention of the Irish construction workers at Black Grocery prompts me to provide this link to an article in yesterday’s NY Times regarding a recently discovered burial site of Irish railroad workers in Pennsylvania: With Shovels and Science, a Grim Story Is Told.

  4. Backshophoss says:

    Both Wassic and Millerton were the heavist inbound freight locations for the
    upper Harlem,mostly farmer supply places like Agway,and local Lumber yards.
    In some cases,fuel oil,coal,and gasoline were delivered to Fuel Dealers
    like Agway as well.
    Millerton had the 2nd longest passing siding as well,at roughly 2800 ft,
    was useful when the “Great Steel Fleet” had to detour via the B and A to
    Chatham,then run the Harlem to/from GCT.
    Note: Wassic had the longest passing siding on the upper Harlem,
    roughly 3100 ft long

  5. Walter Haner says:

    On the CNE tour today of this entire area, including the upper Haarlem. Neat tour

  6. Daniel says:


    I love your site. I’d like to do an interview with you about Harlem train history on my show, The Danny Tisdale Show on HW Radio Podcast this May?

    Here’s a link to the show page: http://harlemworldmag.com/about-2/harlem-world-magazine-radio/

    Harlem World Magazine

  7. Dan says:

    Is it just me, or does HVRT’s proposal to build the trail going under NY 22 and suddenly over the Roeliff Jansen Kill sound like a really bad idea? You get a flash flood on that creek, and it’s guaranteed to spill underneath the road onto the trail.

    • Emily says:

      Yeah… it doesn’t sound like a phenomenal idea. Am I correct that Black Grocery Road used to connect to Route 22? I was under the impression that it once did, but was washed away during a storm and never restored. Considering that, the rail trail’s idea doesn’t seem super promising. Getting over 22 is going to be a big obstacle for them…

      • Dan says:

        I’m not entirely sure. I’m going to ask some people on the AARoads forum about this.

      • Kevin Fisk says:

        Yes Black Grocery Rd connected with 22. The road bridge needed an extensive rebuild / replacing. Instead they razed it and dead-ended the road. I have a photo somewhere of them taking the road bridge down. This was in the 1980’s I believe.

      • Rose says:

        Yes, Black Grocery Road used to connect to route 22. I live about a half mile from there.

  8. Garrett ewald says:

    I’ve heard that the bridge at black grocery is still intact. Not sure where it is, though. Last I heard they were going to cross 22 at grade around the corner, but a bridge would be much cooler.

    • Rose says:

      The road bridge is not intact. It was dismantled about ten years ago when an unfortunate accident occurred. Apparently a trucker fell asleep at the wheel around 4am and crashed into the Roe Jan Kill, damaging the bridge beyond repair. The county took the insurance money and did who know what with it.

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