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  1. Adam Moss says:

    I’d argue Wilton on the overpass situation.

    Beacon was one of the first M-N stations I’ve photographed, and admittedly, its boring as hell.

  2. Bob says:

    My 1926 schedule lists Beacon & Dutchess Jct as 2 different stations 7 minutes apart (I’m guessing mostly due to dwell time). http://www.roadandrailpictures.com/fornyhuu.htm
    It’s not an official NYCRR schedule, it’s a reprint of all rail lines in NY, but I thought they were 2 different places.

    • Emily says:

      Hmm… and I had one that had no Beacon but listed Dutchess Junction. Maybe they just didn’t like Beacon ;)

      I’m gonna get rid of that statement then.

  3. Backshophoss says:

    A possiblty,”Dutchess Jct” may have been NHRR’s name for the
    NYC’s tower,signal station 50(telegraph call”F”) where the Beacon
    Branch connected with the Hudson Line. Maybe someone at the
    Restored Hopewell Jct Depot can clear this up.

  4. Steve says:

    Beacon is also sort of MNRR’s Penn station, with large peak crowds, not enough waiting space, not enough parking etc.

    I have a theory, that MNRR purchased the Beacon line from Conrail to relieve some of the stress on Beacon. They have the former yard space in Hopewell where they could store trains, and build a fair size parking lot. Buy running trains from Hopewell and down the Hudson line (which would be the fastest southbound connection) you would draw the riders from the Hopewell area that drive to Beacon now, freeing up space at Beacon. Hopewell to Southeast is a pretty long ride on east of Hopewell with a decent grade Stormville to Pawling. This would require a south bound facing connection to the Hudson line.

    • Backshophoss says:

      The better connection from Hopewell Jct is via the Harlem Line
      at CP DYKE(What ever ## it is now) to Southeast/GCT.
      You are backtracking back to Beacon from Hopewell Jct.
      The turnout to Beacon Branch/Maybrook faces north at
      what was CP-58
      The P-32’s don’t mind grades at all,not sure of the BL-20’s.

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