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  1. Al Cyone says:

    Very interesting. Thanks. I did some Googling and found a picture of the actual booklet.

  2. Steve Swirsky says:

    Amazing and also amazing that this is basically taking Route 9 aka the Albany Post Road, the entire way.

    • Al Cyone says:

      Well, maybe “an” Albany Post Road but not “the” Albany Post Road? There was (and is) an Albany Post Road in Ulster County.

  3. Bob says:

    Careful, you know roadgeek is the next step into the abyss. I have one of these books from the 20s I think (I haven’t looked at it in a while) called the Green Book (I think AAA also printed the Blue Book). No pictures in mine, just directions and advertisements, but covers all of NY I think. Interesting to see some of the routings. Danbury to Poughkeepsie isn’t at all the way you’d drive it today. Nice pictures in yours though.

  4. Old Geezer says:

    And some things never change. Consider the subtle plugs for “the best garage in town” and “the best hotel in town”. Surely there was some compensation exchanged!

  5. William Hays says:

    Emily: you NEED a Mustang GT convertable. Now! Zoom! Just don’t drive it on the ROW north (west) of Wassaic.

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