Postcard of Millwood, and the final passenger service timetable on the Putnam Division. Timetable from the collection of Otto Vondrak.

Frank Schlegel photograph of Millwood station

Yes, I suppose this is a bit of a joke. I’m not really doing a tour of the Putnam Division, although I have been to a few of the stations. We must, however, pay our final respects to Millwood, which was one of the few remaining Put stations. Was being the keyword there. On Wednesday morning, Millwood station was demolished, just days after I posted that a demolition permit was applied for. Truly sad.

On Friday I visited the spot where Millwood once stood. I thought in my head I’d at least see some sort of hint that there was something there. Some material strewn all over the ground, a hole or overturned dirt, anything. But there was nothing. It was torn down and covered up too well. I suppose this is why we must photograph everything – you never know when something will just suddenly disappear.

Millwood, I will always remember the words that someone scrawled on one of your outside walls.

In other news, your real Tuesday Tour, of Otisville on the Port Jervis Line, will be posted later on today!

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  1. Adam Moss says:

    Well, when they apply, they mean it sadly. Just bites that I worked on NY 120’s Wikipedia article last night at Millwood and mentioned the old station.

    RIP Millwood.

  2. Keith says:

    Because the structure was on private land, it hadn’t been land-marked, and the public support with ever shrinking funds wasn’t there, could there have been any other outcome?

  3. Backshophoss says:

    It stinks that Millwood was razed,but if the reports I’ve read hold true
    most if not all of the structure was rotted out or termite infested.
    Yorktown still stands and can be used as a guide to rebuild the
    “replacement” station by the student crews at BOCES-Yorktown.
    I didn’t see a timeline on when the “replacement” will be built.

    • Emily says:

      Yeah, don’t get me wrong, a replacement is certainly better than nothing. Hopefully that idea doesn’t die in politics somewhere along the way.

      • Backshophoss says:

        BOCES-Yorktown,isn’t a political “creature”,more of a way to offer
        instruction in the “trades” that isn’t done at local schools.
        The only problem will be the money needed and final location
        on county land.
        I’m long removed from local politics,so i have no idea how
        mucked up the county is!

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