Tuesday Tour of the Putnam Division: Millwood Trains History

Postcard of Millwood, and the final passenger service timetable on the Putnam Division. Timetable from the collection of Otto Vondrak. Frank Schlegel photograph of Millwood station Yes, I suppose this is a bit of a joke. I’m not really doing a tour of the Putnam Division, although I have been to a few of the stations. We must, however, pay our final respects to Millwood, which was one of the few remaining Put stations. Was being the keyword there. On Wednesday morning, Millwood station was demolished, just days after I posted that a demolition permit was applied for. Truly sad....

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The trains don’t stop here any more – save me, I’m your history. Photos

Hidden away in a nearly-forgotten corner of my computer’s almost-full hard drive are a few photos that were never meant to see the light of day. They were dark, and the day was rainy, and they were downright horrible. But a bit of graffiti scrawled on the side of the station that I remembered photographing always sat in the back of my mind. It read, “The trains don’t stop here any more. Save me, I’m your history.” A news article that was sent to me today (thanks, Jeff!) led me to dig out those photos. The station on which the...

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