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  1. Emily says:

    Haha, I know, right? That would probably be a whole lot more interesting than “East Penn Railroad” :P

  2. Adam Moss says:

    No direct mention of MQ Junction? :(

    – Nice to see you saw the Campbell Hall station on Montgomery Branch mention I made last week.

    – Not many people notice this, but at MQ, the Montgomery Branch went south to the area called Kipps, which had a station before the Mont. Branch met the Main Line near Goshen. At the other side was the Pine Island branch.

    • Emily says:

      Sorry :(

      I did make sure I put the Montgomery Branch detail in, just for you, Adam! Not gonna lie, this really isn’t my area of expertise… :P Since I think you mentioned Otisville as another place with “historical” significance, is there anything you think I should definitely mention when we get there? I guess the interesting part would be the tunnel…

  3. Adam Moss says:

    – The tunnel constructed 1908.

    – The original Otisville station was constructed on the main line through downtown Otisville in 1858, and served the Erie for 96 years until a minor rerouting at Graham Junction (FX or Guymard) put a new site for the Otisville station, at which point, a new station depot was constructed (the current site by the way). That was later demolished, and this is the Otisville you have today.

  4. Brett says:

    I recall looking at the Metro North pictures and it seemed like someone rode the train along the line and took pictures as it went along… Note the lighting changes…

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