Good morning, everyone. I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend for President’s Day… that is, unless you are a conductor, or me, or one of the other unfortunate saps that find themselves working on this day.

Last Friday I posted a whole bunch of my recently acquired postcards from my number one most visited website – eBay. But postcards and timetables are not the only thing I buy on there. If there is a nice slide of something happening on the Harlem, I usually can’t resist. Today I’m posting a small selection of my most recently acquired photos. There are plenty of old trains, low-level platforms, and even a station or two that are no longer in service. Enjoy!


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  1. Al Cyone says:

    The first picture is great! I did a little Googling and found this:

    “This locomotive was built in June 1951 (c/n 14426) on EMD Order 2016A. It eventually became PC 4037.”

  2. Gregory Grice says:

    Wow and to think, Im there every night

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