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  1. William Hays says:

    I grew up a Fleetwood (Mount Vernon) commuter, before transfering allegiances to Rye, North White Plains, and Port Chester. I went to high school in Mount Vernon (A.B. Davis, ’56) and roamed the area. I missed the NYW&B era, but am still fascinated by it. Wrong place, wrong time, too big a budget… Anyhoo, Mount Vernon’s NYNH&H and NYW&B Columbus Avenue station was a great place to explore. As far as the Mount Vernon (East) station goes, I only used it on rare occasions, after cadging a dinner from my family and going home to Rye.
    IIRC, the New Haven cut, thru Mount Vernon, was designed to be covered. Erection of the catenary precluded this happening. I’d love to see a picture of the old NH Mount Vernon station. The Mount Vernon trolley lines are another story, especially the burning of the cars out at the Sanford Ave. yard…

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