Welcome to our first stop on the New Haven Line – Bethel. For many Tuesdays to come, I will be posting photographs of every station on the New Haven Line, just as I did for the Harlem Line last year. The stations will be presented in no particular order, but I will visit each one. The Panorama Project map will still be updated to show all the Metro-North stations and other points of interest that I’ve been to so far.

Bethel lies on the Danbury Branch of the New Haven Line, sandwiched between the terminus of Danbury, and Redding to the south. There is one track and one platform, and the average trip duration to Grand Central is just under two hours. The current station used by Metro-North was built in 1996, and although the previous 1899 station still stands, it is located down the street and not really visible from the platform (an earlier station, built in 1852, burned down in 1898). Inside the station building is a small cafe called The Daily Fare which serves baked goods, locally-roasted coffee, and other local and fresh ingredients. As they cater to mostly commuters and are closed on weekends, I never did get to try their food, but it certainly sounds good. Thinking about food makes me realize how hungry I am – while I go to look for some food, here are some photos of Bethel!

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  1. Rob says:

    Bethel? Here? I live a mile from the station. Wish I knew you were coming to town. I would’ve come down to meet you.

    Twitter @ElwoodBluez

  2. mike says:

    amazing, thank you….

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