The branches of the New Haven Line, in pictures Trains Photos

Yesterday I featured the only outstanding New Haven Line branch station on our Tuesday Tour, Springdale. Now that the branches are complete, I thought it might be nice to post one of my favorite images from each station in a single gallery. It gives you a quick idea of what each branch is like, and a glimpse into the life of a commuter from each station. The locales photographed vary from outstanding examples of historical stations and well-known landmarks, to bare-bones, concrete platforms that are just barely stations. Each branch terminates at a historically-important station, though only one of the...

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Tuesday Tour of the New Haven Line – Bethel Trains Photos Tuesday Tours

Welcome to our first stop on the New Haven Line – Bethel. For many Tuesdays to come, I will be posting photographs of every station on the New Haven Line, just as I did for the Harlem Line last year. The stations will be presented in no particular order, but I will visit each one. The Panorama Project map will still be updated to show all the Metro-North stations and other points of interest that I’ve been to so far. Bethel lies on the Danbury Branch of the New Haven Line, sandwiched between the terminus of Danbury, and Redding to...

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