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  1. Joe M says:

    You have truly captured this place with your photographs !

    I was there recently and looking at your pictures makes me want to go back for another walk across the walkway.

  2. Kevin Newman says:

    great to see a report about the Walkway OTH State Park,and the Hudson Valley RT, from somebody outside the area

    just recently the trackless ROW from the east end of the Walkway to Morgan Lake – the northern terminus of the Dutchess RT was acquired by the Walkway organization (the ‘friends’ of the WOTH) from CSX with help by our NY Senator Charles Schumer

    for more please visit my Hud Val cycling adventures and area trailways reports blog at: trailways.bigk12603.com – check out the archives for my report about the grand opening of the WOTH (2009) and the 2010 archive for RT construction reports and the GO of the Hud Val RT

    Kevin Newman
    Poughkeepsie NY

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