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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for posting these old pictures. Tuckahoe is now my home station.

  2. William Hays says:

    Tuckahoe was one of the few stations that accepted check baggage, Railway Express, and cadavers, back when. The elevator (tower on the east side) was used for baggage wagons. Other stations, on the electric division, that had baggage facilities were Mount Vernon and White Plains, that I remember.

  3. William Hays says:

    Yar! Human remains (boxed, of course). Back when I was a kid and worked as a laborer on construction during college “vacations”, I often rode the lead car of a 4100-series MU, as I was a bit dirty. It was a straight baggage car. Sometime the only available seat was on a “rough box” that protected the coffin. No problema. Never got shot while going thru the Bronx! Amtrak still takes human remains as checked baggage.

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