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  1. Eric Kinberg says:

    Thanks for the research, Emily. Its great to know I can travel on the beautiful Hudson line on my Harlem monthly pass. Next stop Tarrytown for dinner with the wife!!!

    • Emily says:

      My jaw is practically hitting the floor right now. I can’t believe you actually commented :P

      I suggest you bring Paul along for dinner. Maybe introduce him to your wife :D

  2. Steven says:

    You can also use a Port Jervis monthly ticket on the Hudson Line. A Beacon monthly pass will cover up to Salisbury-Mills Cornwall I believe.

  3. Mike says:

    Great article – was really confused about this up until now.

    One question though: I have a monthly from a Zone 5, and want to leave from a Zone 6… do you think the conductor will charge me the difference or make me purchase a full ticket?

    • Emily says:

      Get a ticket from in between the two zones (probably comes out to $2.50?), not the full fare. I do that frequently, my monthly is from Goldens Bridge to White Plains. I then have a 10 trip for White Plains to Grand Central whenever I need it. I just show both tickets.

  4. ed lastella says:

    i have spoken to a metro-north customer service representative, and was told that only monthlys and weeklys into Manhattan are now accepted on lines other than the line originally purchased for. has the policy changed?

    • Emily says:

      Will check for you…

    • Emily says:

      I’m told that the tickets should still be valid, as long as the zones match, and you’re not trying to use a NH Line ticket on one of the NY lines (or vice versa)

      • ed lastella says:

        are intermediate monthlys and weekly tickets for the harlem line also accepted on the hudson line? this does not seem to be mentioned in the conversion charts.

        • ed lastella says:

          sorry to bother you with another message. i have been told by customer service that intermediate monthlys and weeklys are valid only between the stops on the line marked on the ticket.

  5. ed lastella says:

    have policies changed regarding the interchangeability of tickets between lines since June 17,2009?

  6. Bradley Silverbush says:

    Terrific article! This was very helpful, useful, and succint. THANK YOU!

  7. ed lastella says:

    in the case of the yankee stadium stop, can a one way ticket to dobbs ferry from the stadium also be used to White Plains?

  8. Tracy says:

    I have a monthly from Peekskill to Grand Central. Occasionally I travel between Peekskill and Beacon (2 zones). Anyone know if I can use my monthly pass for this trip? I had one conductor accept it and another tell me no.

  9. ed lastella says:

    are Hudson and Harlem line 10 trip or round trip tickets to the yankee stadium stop interchangeable for use on either of these lines?

  10. Ellie says:

    I travel from Woodlawn to New Rochelle round trip , transferring at Fordham, I was told it’s ok because I’m in the zone 1,, using monthly ticket , ??

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