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  1. Clarice says:

    Bronxville is a lovely station! I wish some of the other Harlem line stations were so pretty.

  2. Old Geezer says:

    When passing through Bronxville I always notice the elevator.

    The western part of the village is up on a hill (a cliff, really) and there’s an elevator shaft from the lower level to the upper. I wonder, is it operational 24 hours a day? By seven days? Do they charge a quarter to use it? Did Joseph P. Kennedy (Jack’s dad and a former Bronxville resident) ever ride that elevator?

    This is why I don’t read while riding the Harlem line.

  3. Old Geezer says:

    Ooops! Sorry! It’s on the EASTERN part. Well, I’m left-handed.

  4. Chuck says:

    What’s the source of the 1988 photos?

  5. Rick Gerchak says:

    Thank you for the anrtical and pictures.
    I am trying to do some research on the hanging metal wall plaque depicting farmers, cattle and wind mill.that you took a picture of in Bronxville. I’m hitting dead ends. Any ideas would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Richard Gerchak

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