By now you’ve probably heard of the unauthorized WTF posters popping up in the subways. It has been big news in the New York area, and online. They were designed by the Working Families Party. They would have even paid the MTA for the advertising space… had the ad not been rejected. If you need a bit of amusement in your day today, I suggest checking out ABC 7’s video regarding the subject, complete with reporters attempting to use acronyms at every possible chance, and old people getting interviewed that have no idea what WTF means.

But those posters are so yesterday, old news. Now you can wear your very own WTF T-Shirt. All it takes is a minimum donation of 14 dollars, and you can then ride the subway in style! I ordered mine last night… once it arrives I’ll certainly take some pictures, and possibly post them up.

The only thing I keep thinking is that MTA made things worse by rejecting the ad. The whole rejection has been getting a lot of coverage, had the ad actually been put up would people be saying as much? Would these T-Shirts even exist? Maybe not.

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  1. Sheryl says:

    I ordered mine too! I can’t wait to represent! And I am sure the ads would have generated coverage whether the MTA accepted them or not, so the fact the rejected them and lost the income is just a slap in their already red faces. Ha-ha!

    • Emily says:

      Yeah, that is true that they lost some potential income. But I think just the attempt to ban something mostly ends up backfiring… basically the Streisand Effect. With the internet and all it is really hard to “ban” anything… unless you are like North Korea or something. The MTA can’t send us to labor camps for 10 years for putting up a WTF poster :P

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