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  1. Sheryl says:

    This falls into the “I’ll believe it when I see it” category, in my book. I just recently bought a netbook, so I am already paying for my own Wi-Fi access. If they ever do get around to doing this (not holding my breath) I am sure it will not be free. Anywa, I can’t reach the internet for 10 minutes of my commute each way, since there is no reception in the tunnel/on the platform – so that’s one thing they need to work on if they implement this. And you’re right. I haven’t read any books since getting the netbook.

    • Emily Moser says:

      Yeah, the article totally forgets the people that do pay for Wi-fi access, since they mention the only people on the trains online are using smartphones. I debated whether I should buy wi-fi too, but ended up not doing it. I used to be able to get wifi in WP from Optimum’s access points at the stations, but for some reason I think the one in WP stopped working. I can connect everywhere else though, just obviously not during the train ride.

      But you’re right, *IF* it ever happens, it probably wont be free. But perhaps it will be cheaper for those that currently pay elsewhere for wi-fi. Though would you end up switching services if it ended up coming to Metro-North?

  2. Sheryl says:

    Thanks for reminding me – the ‘free wifi’ worked for me on the White Plains platform once. ONCE. Many, many months ago. Before I had my netbook, I used to try to use it from my iPod Touch to check my email and Tweet but eventually gave up. As for my netbook WiFi, I am locked into a two year contract, so I am not likely to cancel that and face the fees. Besides, I use it plenty of other places, not just Metro North. I definitely get my money’s worth.

    • Emily Moser says:

      Yeah, I figured that you could use the wifi you have on the bus and such, so it works out for you. And especially if you get cancellation fees, I’d definitely not be switching until that runs out.

      Considering that you mentioned you had issues connecting to that access point in WP, I figured I’d send a message to Optimum and mention it. I don’t have high hopes for getting any sort of response from them though. Tech support with cable companies always seems like an absolute nightmare.

  3. Sheryl says:

    I’d love to hear what they say. Their reply may even be blog-worthy. If not that awesome, I’d still like to know if/when they reply. If it does start working on the platform it would be nice to know I could quickly use my iPod and not have to crack open my netbook and wait for it to start up and get connected. Thanks for doing that!

  4. Dan says:

    Free wi-fi would of course be nice, but the truth is it’s not going to be free and Wi-Fi is passe in moving targets on land, planes and ships out of range of terrestrial networks are of course a special case.

    3G and soon to be 4G and Wi-Max offer the total coverage we want, excepting the cemetery north of Valhalla and the dreaded tunnel into GCT already and can be used by Blackberry’s, iPhones, Laptops, Kindles, Nooks etc. etc.

    I would MUCH rather Metro-North worked with the cellular carriers to fix the remaining black spots rather than trying to roll out a completely new service that no one will really pay for.

    Cheers, Dan

  5. Walter says:

    One word: RailFone.

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