A Journey Underground – East Side Access Photos

Over the one hundred plus years of its existence, Grand Central Terminal has reinvented itself many times to keep pace with the needs of its customers. When long range passenger trains were the norm, passengers could sit and watch a movie at Grand Central’s theater while waiting for their train...

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Construction on East Side Access Project Halted Indefinitely Humor

While celebrating Grand Central Terminal’s 100th anniversary, we discussed a wide array of topics regarding GCT’s history, and its place in our lives today. The one thing that we failed to mention was one of Grand Central’s futures – a major one being the East Side Access project. Designed to...

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Pac-Man Inspired Transit Maps Trains

The subtitle of this post might as well be “stuff that happens when Emily gets bored.” For some reason I thought it might be amusing to make a completely useless Pac-Man transit map, where all the little dots Pac-Man eats could be stations. Besides maybe looking cool, they’re not going...

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LIRR’s Amusing Watch the Gap Rap Humor Videos

@LIRRScoop just tweeted a new video posted on YouTube, called the Gap Rap. I LOL’ed and had to share. [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HszwgEdnOQw] I do think @MetroNorthTweet needs to teach @LIRRScoop to tweet, properly post links, and not type in all caps…

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