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  1. Patrick says:

    The halting of work on ESA’s not all that bad for the LIRR, considering they got some BIG news today! For the LIRR announced this morning that they have succeed in designing and installing a new ultra-capacity signal system for the East River Tunnels! This new signal system is expected to double the amount of trains the LIRR can run into Penn Station…so they won’t need ESA after all!

  2. Backshophoss says:

    Believe Cartoon Network has 1st dibs on those fossils,should get done in
    a few months for removal and display at the “UnNatural History Museum

  3. James Lamkin says:

    I’m surprised that they didn’t conduct an environmental impact study!

  4. Michael Napolitano says:

    Thought the picture was going to be the fossilized remains of a New York Central or New Haven commuter from back in Penn Central days. I think some of those harried travelers are still reported missing by their families and loved ones!

  5. Patrick says:

    Some people claim that there is actually a century-old steam locomotive buried deep underground somewhere near the Atlantic Terminal LIRR station, and with all the possible things one might find underneath a place with as much history as Grand Central, I might actually believe a story that they might’ve come across some old artifact and all work had been halted (but only if it came across on one of the other 364 days of the year, though! :-) )

  6. Jeff M. says:

    Not fair – this came in my email feed TODAY – April 2nd – so I was all ready to FORWARD it until I looked carefully at the photo and then noticed the actual date on the post was April 1st! That delay in the email feed could have gotten me into serious trouble. Well, not serious trouble, but I would have looked like an idiot. Which I guess I am. Okay, forget I said anything…

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