Admit it. You’ve probably seen a stupid person on the train. I see them frequently. People get on the wrong train all the time. Sometimes by accident, which I’ve done a few times. But if you end up getting on the wrong train because you were too busy talking on your cell phone to hear the ten messages spoken by the conductor telling you that this train was most certainly NOT going to the city, you don’t get any sympathy from me.

I had made these a long time ago, and forgot about them. My goal was to create a warning sign generator, where you could type in your own warnings and the site would create the image for you. I never did get around to doing it, but perhaps some day. Until then, enjoy these. Gina, a train conductor on my train, almost getting left on the platform again the other day (and did actually happen a year ago) made me want to go and dig these up. The first one below is dedicated to her. In fact I hear a version of this is now in the conductor’s lounge in Grand Central, a version with a spectacular little arrow pointing to the conductor on the platform, labeled with the name “Gina.”

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  1. Sheryl says:

    Emily, you are amazing! I want to get these printed on t-shirts. I would totally wear them! (BTW: Can you make one that says “Warning: Don’t have sex with the hot Puerto Rican guy because he has a girlfriend”?)

  2. Eric R. says:

    I have to make some stickers now…

  3. Sheryl says:

    I am laughing so hard, my ribs hurt!!!!! I would seriously buy that if you make it.

  4. Steve says:

    This link has nothing to do with the fact we are inhibiting natural selection to occur by posting signs about watching the gap, and to stay off the tracks.

    But it fits with bridge in Golden’s bridge where the Lake Mahopac branch crossed the reservoir. The top of this picture is the other end of the branch at the “XC” crossing on Buckshollow road in Mahopac, which is now the Putnam Trail way, which joins the North County Trail way in Baldwin Place.!/photo.php?pid=611271&op=3&o=all&view=all&subj=103617841747&aid=-1&oid=103617841747&id=1450242297

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