Winter at the Strasburg Railroad

I swear to you all, I really hate winter. And the cold. Sure, we may have checked out the Harlem Line and the Hudson Line in the snow, but I’d so much rather be somewhere warm… Instead of being at some tropical location this past weekend, you would have found me at the Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania. Despite being assured that it “never snows” for these winter photo specials, Saturday’s weather brought more snow in addition to the already deep snow blanketing the ground. The majority of the day was grey, with the sun only appearing for approximately three seconds at the very end of the journey.

Although the day was very monochromatic, the black and white views of the railroad – with the occasional splash of color – turned out alright. Amtrak made a very quick appearance, as did a fluffy farm dog, quite puzzled by the crowd of photographers wading in knee-deep snow just outside her backyard. Anyway, here is what the Strasburg Railroad looks like in the snow…


7 thoughts on “Winter at the Strasburg Railroad

  1. Emily
    Having seen your work for the last couple of years, I will have to say that if you keep this up, you will become one of our more important rail photographers.
    You are scoring big points with me with your B&W work,

  2. As someone who has visited there may times during the summer and fall, your excellent photos have made me want to try to make this a winter happening for myself as well. Although the Red Caboose Motel along the tracks I believe is closed for most of the winter, oh well. Thanks for the excellent photos!

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