Another snowstorm for Metro-North Photos

Things are slowly getting back to normal in the Northeast, which was blanketed in snow over the past few days. Central Park reported just over 15 inches of snow, and some areas of the Bronx were reporting close to 20 inches. Subway service above ground was halted at 2 PM...


First Snow Trains Photos

The New York area experienced its first real snowstorm of the season last night, and the frigid weather was a fabulous time to capture the flakes with a few trains. Enjoy a few photos from Harlem 125th Street this morning, and stay warm!


Spring Thaw on the Saratoga & North Creek Trains Photos

This past winter was long and cold for all of us, and thankfully everything is finally beginning to look bright. Upstate in the Adirondacks the Saratoga & North Creek Railway was hard-hit. Normally operating several snow trains a few weekends during the winter, much of February’s service was entirely cancelled...


Winter 2015 – A Collection of Snowy Photos Photos

Hopefully by now winter is waning, and yesterday’s snow storm will be the last big event of the season. It feels like it has has been a long winter – and one rife with cancellations, train delays, and even a full transit system shutdown. Despite the headaches, snow can of...


Boston’s Record Snowfall, and the MBTA’s West Concord Station Trains History Photos

When the first snow of the season falls, everyone seems relatively enamored with the glistening white flakes clinging to the trees, painting a beautiful snowy scene. By now, a few months into winter, everyone is pretty much fed up, and wishing for spring. New York has certainly received its share...

Winter at the Strasburg Railroad 7

Winter at the Strasburg Railroad Trains Photos

I swear to you all, I really hate winter. And the cold. Sure, we may have checked out the Harlem Line and the Hudson Line in the snow, but I’d so much rather be somewhere warm… Instead of being at some tropical location this past weekend, you would have found...