Things are slowly getting back to normal in the Northeast, which was blanketed in snow over the past few days. Central Park reported just over 15 inches of snow, and some areas of the Bronx were reporting close to 20 inches. Subway service above ground was halted at 2 PM yesterday, and resumed at 5 AM today. Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road shut down operations at 3 PM yesterday, but as of 4 AM this morning were both back online, subject to delays. Amtrak likewise cut service at 3 in between New York and Boston and New York and Albany, and is back in action today, albeit on a modified service schedule. Although the snow appears to have stopped in the city, intermittent snow showers remain a possibility throughout the day.

While some city dwellers have flocked to Central Park to sled or try and glimpse the rare resident snowy owl (who arrived just a few days before the storm – coincidence? I think not.), I grabbed my camera and headed out to Botanical Garden station to snap a few photos of trains in the storm. The wet snow was thick and falling heavily, along with heavy gusts of wind blowing snow off of trees and canopies. I stayed for about an hour and a half before returning to Grand Central by train—arriving at about 3—where I saw the last trains depart before the system suspended service to the public.

Here’s a collection of photos from my journeys yesterday, including a few snaps at Harlem 125th, Melrose, Tremont, Fordham, Grand Central, and of course, Botanical Garden.

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  1. Wonderful coverage, as always Emily.

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