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  1. Dennis A. Livesey says:

    Having seen your work for the last couple of years, I will have to say that if you keep this up, you will become one of our more important rail photographers.
    You are scoring big points with me with your B&W work,

  2. Joe Geronimo says:


    Couldn’t agree more on the cold and snow. However railroads are far and few between on tropical islands. With that said image #12 is AWESOME!

  3. Tyler says:

    Absolutely breathtaking work, Emily. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. Really nice work Emily. My favorites are #13, and 24. Kind of ironic that 13 involves a graveyard. :/ Goes to show that the worst day can be salvaged by someone like yourself.

  5. Keith says:

    As someone who has visited there may times during the summer and fall, your excellent photos have made me want to try to make this a winter happening for myself as well. Although the Red Caboose Motel along the tracks I believe is closed for most of the winter, oh well. Thanks for the excellent photos!

  6. Dean says:


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