White Plains: Welcome to the waiting room… Trains Observations Photos

Around this time of year, the waiting room in White Plains is packed. Nobody wants to wait outside in this cold. And if you like people watching, it is the spot to be. The current “thing” to do is smoke inside. Who wants to smoke outside in the cold? The best way to perform this maneuver is to hide against the wall or window, in an attempt to block anyone from seeing your pipe or cigarette. Nasty smelling chewing tobacco is also popular. Be sure to pull a hood up over yourself and lean over, so nobody can really see...

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Seven Signs of Terrorist (Bloggers) Trains Photos

So this is very cool… my very first post on here with my new netbook. I really adore my laptop – it is the best computer I’ve ever had, it has a tablet/touch screen so I can draw all I want so easily. The only thing bad about it is that it is heavy. And I hate having to carry heavy things on my walk to the train station, or on the train. So for portability sake, especially so I can take it with me on the train and on the trip I’ll be taking to Japan next year, I...

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