So this is very cool… my very first post on here with my new netbook. I really adore my laptop – it is the best computer I’ve ever had, it has a tablet/touch screen so I can draw all I want so easily. The only thing bad about it is that it is heavy. And I hate having to carry heavy things on my walk to the train station, or on the train. So for portability sake, especially so I can take it with me on the train and on the trip I’ll be taking to Japan next year, I purchased a netbook. Makes it rather easy to be updating this blog on the road… or perhaps I should say, on the rails.

Only catch is this… I bet I look suspicious. Today we had quite a few police/homeland security folks at White Plains, passing out the train maps I posted about a while ago, along with some new cards detailing how to spot terrorists on public transit. Unfortunately one of the “Seven Signs of Terrorism” includes taking pictures and monitoring activities aboard trains. I am doing that all the time! Another includes acquiring uniforms… and I have that train conductor hat! In all seriousness, I’d probably make a shitty terrorist. With the crazy hats I wear, everyone and their mother could probably identify me.
Trainblogger… not terrorist

Hopefully getting police out there and teaching everyone the mantra of “If you see something, say something” actually works in protecting us. There certainly were a lot of police around handing out papers, down in the entrance part of the station, in the waiting rooms, even out on the platform. Obviously through my blog I see a lot of probably suspicious, likely crazy people, but I certainly wouldn’t label them a terrorist.

Suspicious photo taking behavior!

Handing out cards on the platform

I do think a few years ago I was on a train though where a “suspcious” bag was left and police came on board to confiscate it. It is doubtful that there was a bomb in the bag, but for every false alarm, if one of those calls actually prevents an attack from occuring, it is worth it, right?

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