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  1. Extraordinary.
    Your being an amblyope has given you an extraordinary vision. I have shot at GCT dozens of times. Do I have such a wonderful collection of images such as yours? Of course not.
    This inspires me to get out and copy…er, emulate your images.
    I love GCT as much as anyone. Having such images will only make that love deeper.

  2. Steve Gorka says:

    I’m so happy to see that you’re still taking railroad pictures! These are fantastic, as usual. I was going to suggest/request/challenge pictures of railroadERS, but on second thought… you do you.

    As always when I learn a new word, I’ll try to work amblyope into my conversation today.

  3. Ran Barton says:

    So many winners among these photos – beautiful details and some fun abstract compositions. Thank you for sharing them.

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