Labor Day has come and gone, schools have started back up again, and we find ourselves in the waning days of summer. The much-hyped transit “summer of hell” has also finished – and many seem to think it was a lot more swell than hell. For anyone with an interest in trains, it was always going to be rather swell. Amtrak would be making a return to New York City’s cathedral of railroading, Grand Central Terminal, after being gone for more than a decade. We welcomed the Empire Service trains with both open arms and camera shutters. I caught the trains in various locations along the reroute, and am presenting some of my favorite shots from the duration here. Until the next time…

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  1. Michael Carrigy says:

    You compiled an amazing set of photos. It’s a great photo story and a well written piece!

  2. Steve Ember says:

    Agree with Michael! Lovely photo-documentation of this (sadly-) brief chapter including some great skies! Gee, the Genesis looks almost handsome in the newer livery with the smart black front! Your photos have inspired me to at least ride this line again on, if only on Metro North trains. Enjoying your posts, Emily!

  3. Lee says:

    It appears the service was popular. Too bad some trains couldn’t be permanently routed to GCT to help serve passengers and reduce congestion at Penna Station.

  4. Backshophoss says:

    For the summer of 2018,the Lake Shore has been rerouted to Boston till sept.
    the Amtrak P32’s now have front nose escape hatchs,there’s still 1 MARC cab car running around.
    DV moveable bridge is getting long needed repairs,and the Rails in the Empire Tunnel are being replaced.

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