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  1. Robert J Underwood says:

    These stories are great. My grandfather was a conductor on the Harlem Div (he lived in Chatham). He passed when I was young. As old newspapers are scanned and made searchable on the web, I’ve learned more about his railroading, as he occasionally shows up in stories about the railroad.

  2. Dan says:

    Good info and interesting.

  3. Robert says:

    F. T. Hopkins, IV lives nearby the Harlem Line in Southeast. He’s my Brother-in-Law. After F. T. Hopkins, II was born, the family moved to Somers. Their home is Muscoot Farm, now a Westchester County park.

    My wife and I live in the Sheffield Farm house in Pawling. The milk plant in the village of Pawling was associated with Sheffield Farms. The farm had its own siding on the Harlem Line. The end bumper is still visible at the Appalachian Trail parking area on the east side of Route 22.

  4. Is it possible to visit the Borden’s and Sheffield sites? I write about them in my history of milk, Nature’s Perfect Food, but have not seen these places. I didn’t know they still exist!

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