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  1. Jeff Morris says:

    Oh, Emily. I think you’ve crossed the “line” this time!

  2. Tyler says:

    This would still be cheaper than installing high-security steel barriers at grade crossings!

  3. Mirza says:

    Best April Fools’ post on this blog, ever.

  4. magnus says:

    “This morning Metro-North announced a new plan to get people’s eyes on grade crossings – literally.”

    Wow, MN wants to gouge out peoples eyes and place them on the crossing?

  5. And a happy April Fool to you too!! A good one. LOL

  6. Harrison, "Islanderh93" Balduf says:

    How did you ‘shop a picture like that? If it was stock, how?

    • Emily says:

      You mean the video footage? The dancing figure was on a green screen, so the background was easy to remove and superimpose on a legit video I had filmed at that grade crossing.

  7. Backshophoss says:

    Last year NMRX had to flag all the crossings in Santa Fe after 2 fatal bicycle accidents at the “mothballed”
    Zia Road station,till all the crossings in city limits were upgraded.
    However,they used orange vests,hard hats,and red flags.

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