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  1. Otto Vondrak says:

    These are wonderful photos, Emily! I’m looking forward to more from your Alaskan adventure!

  2. Michael Napolitano says:

    Those are great pix, Emily. Tell me, is there a “ceremony” when you cross the Arctic Circle like the Navy has when you cross the equator? Hope there wasn’t, for your sake!

    • Emily says:

      What do they do in the Navy? Throw you overboard? :) They actually rolled out a red carpet for us to walk over. A tad silly, but amusing.

  3. Michael Napolitano says:

    Emily, I think they’ve actually toned down the ritual some through the years, but you go from “pollywog” to “shellback”, courtesy of King Neptune. Read about it here:


    • Emily says:

      Haha, that certificate is equally corny! Thankfully we had no condiments, vomit, or other disgusting things thrown at us while crossing. The nastiest thing we got were some pretty horrible outhouses (they’re not cleaned during the winter)… to my relief immense mountains of excrement don’t really smell bad when it is extremely cold.

  4. Al Cyone says:

    Welcome back! And thanks for sharing.

  5. Bob says:

    Great update. Superb photos!

  6. John Lang says:

    Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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