Sending a message to the postmaster
Sending a message to the postmaster

Remember how I mentioned the little debacle that was the stamp event at the Grand Central Centennial? Apparently someone was smarter than I was… Joe just wrote a message to the postmaster asking for the Grand Central postmark on a postcard from the Transit Museum. It might not be a Grand Central stamp (which at $19.95 is a steep price for just a stamp) but it is pretty darn cool. The only thing I want to know is why didn’t I think of this!

Stamped postcard

Be sure to check out Joe’s blog for more funky postmarks and a bunch of railroad photos!

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  1. Ocala Mike says:

    Well, of course, it’s not just “a stamp that costs $19.95,” but a purchase of that much postage, which happens to be the Express Mail rate. Guess they chose the GCT theme for the design as some kind of homage to the days when trains WERE the fastest means of getting a piece of mail from point A to point B.

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