The aftermath of Sandy on Metro-North, in one photo

Yes, this is the Hudson Line. Ossining, in fact. Metro-North service is still suspended, with no timetable for restoring service. Similar to Irene, the MTA has been keeping everyone apprised of what has been going on through their Flickr account. Some truly astonishing stuff. I couldn’t help poke fun at that one photo, however. Hopefully there will be service restoration soon, Metro-North is out surveying the damage, and hopefully not finding any more boats on the tracks…

8 thoughts on “The aftermath of Sandy on Metro-North, in one photo

  1. That wayward boat is on the front page of the NY Times,
    Just above the fold. Understand MNR is attempting to restore
    Limited service today along with the LIRR.
    On that photo on twitter,that blown over bench might have
    been Port Chester or Greenwich,debate still on.

      1. OK,now that it’s settled,nice to hear the lower Harlem was 1st to
        return to service, then tomorrow reaching Mt Kisco and running
        almost full service, also GCT-Stamford starts back up as well.
        Hudson line has washouts all over(and boats) to deal with.

  2. Being how the Hudson Line (as of 8PM Halloween) is going to be the last line to get back service of any sort, just a reason why I would be overjoyed at the prospect of seeing the (it will never happen) extension of the Upper Harlem back to Chatham. Hudson Line washed out? The Harlem is your detour. Again, I wish it would happen, but it probably will never.

    1. IT would be nice to return to Chatham,most of the ROW was
      turned into a trail however.
      Since the Maybrook line and Beacon branch still exist,after all
      needed repairs are done,it might be a good idea to dig that route
      out of the mud and weeds

    1. Yeah, saw those. The unfortunate thing is that in those new pics you’re able to see the name of the boat… named after a Nazi ship -_-;

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