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  1. Holger says:

    I like that bunch of photos very much (actually, I like all the pictures in this blog)!

    I was in Minneapolis some weeks ago as well and took the chance in between the work sessions to do some shots of rail related stuff over there.

    Unfortunately I had to go by plane to MSP – the AMTRAK trip would have taken to much time – a shame.

    There’s no comparison to your photos, but enough to show my folks in Germany something about rail over here:


    Keep on ‘knipsen’,

    • Al Cyone says:


      I enjoyed your pictures of the Walkway Over the Hudson (which is not far from my home in Ulster County) and the High Line park (which I visited for the first time this week).

      Hopefully Emily’s long-awaited tour of the Hudson Line is imminent.

  2. Bob says:

    I’m guessing you didn’t manage a ride on the Northstar though. The stations weren’t as interesting as the Hiawatha Line, but the on-board bathrooms have to be the cleanest I’ve ever seen on any public transport. I rode both the Light Rail & Northstar on the day when there was a Twins game, so had a packed Hiawatha train both directions (but still managed a seat each way) & my own private rail car on the Northstar (I headed outbound as the game was starting and arrived back just as it ended). Kind of weird on the Northstar, multiple conductors, but they don’t check any tickets (I think the police do random checks).

    • Emily says:

      Yeah, the whole ticketing thing felt like it was pretty much on the honor system. Supposedly there are police that check, but I certainly didn’t see them. I bet there are so many people that get free rides.

      Unfortunately I didn’t get to even see the Northstar. I went to their platform at Target Field, but it was the weekend and they didn’t have too many trains running.

  3. Emily says:

    I know, right? I don’t think I’d want to go there, or even Chicago for that matter, in the winter.

  4. Nick Benson says:

    Winter’s not that bad if you dress for it; I know from personal experience that nobody will even notice if you ride in full Carhart snow bibs.

  5. Stefan Perrino says:

    love the public art. tells a lot about the character of the place and its people.

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