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  1. Paul Murray says:

    Great job, Emily! It’s always a treat to read your postings. I a lot more than the Harlem Line.

    Thanks for the side trip to Newport.


  2. Al Cyone says:

    And of course there’s Vanderbilt Avenue, on the west side of Grand Central, one of the shortest, if not the shortest of Manhattan’s avenues.

  3. Gordon says:

    loved the trip to Newport. I visited Marble House, The Breakers, etc in 2010. magnificent houses. On an unrelated subject, have any of your readers tried taking MetroNorth from GCT to the Appalachian Trail, hiking the rail to the Hudson River (I think it would be at least an overnighter) and taking the train from Garrison back to the city ? I would love to try it, but wouldn’t want to do a solo trip, and I don’t know personally anyone who is interested

    • Al Cyone says:

      A little Googling disclosed this very detailed description of a hike similar to the one you’re contemplating (so detailed, in fact, that there should probably be a “Spoiler Alert”!). And I wouldn’t let the lack of a companion dissuade you. You’ll never be far from “civilization” and, on this particular section of the trail, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of (perhaps even too many!) people.

  4. Old Geezer says:

    Thank the karmic heavens that the pendulum of history has once again swung in favor of the obscenely wealthy! Now our great grandchildren can look forward to the extravagance of today’s Vanderbiltish clans (Edward Conrad, anyone?) whilst on their future school trips, if indeed there are still school and trips. To sample some of these offerings, just visit the Sotheby’s real estate sites.

    O tempora o mores!

    (Translation: “After the tempura, the s’mores!” Cicero’s daughter was a girl scout who liked Japanese cuisine.)

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