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  1. Adam Moss says:

    I need to make a correction that the SHS had wrong believe it or not.

    The tall brick portion seen in the original photo survived into the 1970s. (1971 to be specific of a photo I have offline of it). The rest of the building was removed.

    Sloatsburg station was constructed in 1868 as an Erie Type VIa (6A) structure.

    • Emily says:

      I noticed that there were a lot of conflicting dates (that Erie facilities book, vs the Historical Society), which is why I attempted to be vague. Thanks for clearing that up!

      • Adam Moss says:

        Quite welcome. However, just point out, that Erie Railroad Facilities book is accurate becomes it comes from the 1920 ICC Valuation Report submitted.

        • Emily says:

          I don’t actually own the book, just saw it cited for on wikipedia for that particular date. I don’t particularly trust much on that site – even if it is supposedly cited :P

  2. Carl Livingston says:

    I used to live just up the street from that station. On saturday mornings my brothers, my Dad, and I would walk down to the station and see the trains

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