On today’s Tuesday Tour we’ll be taking a quick look at Milford station. Milford is actually the first New Haven Line station I had ever been to, many years ago. In terms of photography, however, it was one of the last stations I photographed earlier this month. At about 63 miles from Grand Central, it is at the end portion of the New Haven main line. Travel time to the city is around an hour and a half or more.

Years ago the platform at the station was only long enough to accommodate four train cars, however it has been since elongated and can now fit ten cars. There are three tracks at the station, and two platforms for accessing these tracks. One can cross over to the opposite side by taking a stairwell and walking under the tracks. Although the high-level platforms generally discourage idiots from attempting to cross over the tracks, it has probably happened, hence the spray-painted note from the “Railroad Police.”

Metro-North conductor Bobby has some nice observations about the changes at Milford, which are certainly worth taking the time to check out.

Old views of Milford station, circa 1950.

Train approaching Milford station. Freight house is visible on the right (it is also visible in the first shot above, in the far background)

When it comes to uses for old, repurposed train stations, Milford has been converted into something a bit different. The old station now goes by the name of the Eastbound Theatre, and is in use by the Milford Fine Arts Council. The side of the building facing the tracks has a sign that reads “Milford Center for the Arts.” Checking out a play at that theatre must be an interesting experience every time an express train passes by.


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  1. Bob says:

    One of the Hudson Line stations is also now a theatre (Garrison I think). I saw a play there decades ago and remember they’d stop the performance every time a train would go by.

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